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Introduction, The BlackBirds - Beatles emlékzenekar - Hungarian Beatles & solo years tribute band
Introduction, The BlackBirds - Beatles emlékzenekar - Hungarian Beatles & solo years tribute band


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It’s been 12 years now. It seems to be unbelievable and it is a great honor that we could spend this incredible amount of time as a successful band in Hungary and in many other countries. When we had our first concert in a small club in May 2004 we had no idea we will be playing John Lennon’s, Paul McCartney’s, George Harrison’s, and Ringo Starr’s songs 12 years later as our profession. We have played over 823 shows worldwide. It is a great honor to be the official partner and endorser of VOX!
Besides the fact that we love The Beatles’ music madly, (and our drummer Gyuri is a maniac collector of Beatles relics with several exhibitions in his past) the atmosphere of the 60’s with its fashion and message of „All You Need Is Love” has a huge impression on us. We love vintage guitars, amplifiers and effects units. Even if we played something other than the Beatles we would probably use a Höfner bass, Ludwig Black Oyster Pearl drums, Epiphone, Fender and Rickenbacker guitars, VOX and Fender amps anyway. These instruments have been built the way that they are more than just instruments. They feel like they have their own personality, heart and soul.
The second Beatles museum in Europe has been opened in 2015 in Eger, Hungary. We were requested to be the museum's official band. Our common goal is to spread the spirit and cultural value that The Beatles created.
In December 2015 we released our first DVD to celebrate the Rubber Soul album's 50th anniversary. The film has been recorded at the A38 ship, which is Hungary's most popular concert hall. It covers the whole Rubber Soul album and many other Beatles songs performed live by The BlackBirds and our dear friend and esteemed musician Hal Bruce from Canada.
It is always good to recall the five visits that we had to the scene of The Beatles’ birth in England. Walking on the famous streets of London, crossing Abbey Road, visiting the legendary EMI Studios and of course to play in Liverpool, right where the Fab Four used to do – on the stage of Cavern Club (that is called the cradle of British pop music with a good reason). Meeting the two members of The Beatles who are still (and hopefully for many more years) with us – Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr and many others who were part of the great legend. Those were all unforgettable moments! Not mentioning a lot more things we will always remember. After all this is what the “what we are proud of” menu is for.
It was a great honor to play together with Ravi Shankar’s only European disciple András Kozma and his band Calcutta Trio in November 2013 and to get a very kind letter from George Harrison’s wife Olivia Harrison regarding the occasion.
We would like to thank all the Beatles fans and all the people out there for all the support we’ve got in the last 12 years. Thank you all who come to our concerts and follow us on the web!
It’s been great 12 years!
Peace & Love!
The BlackBirds - Hungarian Beatles & Solo Years Tribute Band, Since 2004


Band members:

László Dobos (vocal, guitars, piano): According to my parents' stories, Music put me under a spell already when I was a baby: It seemed to be an impossible task to put me in clothes or nappies without the sound of a guitar around. Otherwise I was kicking and screaming terribly. I was about the age of eight when I had my first Beatles experience. It was huge. I got familiar with lots of different music genres since then, but they undeniably had the biggest impression on me. Listening to their records again and again throughout the years, I came to realize that they are just as exciting even for the hundredth time as they were for the first. I don't know their secret, or if they have one at all, but as a matter of fact I don't even mind. The whole thing is simply awesome as it is. I feel cheerful while playing their songs and that happiness is what I am (we are) aiming to pass on to You, dear audience!

Aron Hajba (vocal, guitars, harp, piano): I am an '82 edition, which means I just about missed nearly all of the things that I love the most in the history of rock music. At least live. However, I had access to many vinyl records, so I could listen to them over and over again until they started to become all scratched and noisy. My poor parents had quite an impressive collection, but me and my brothers had worn them down with unwavering enthusiasm. They loved music. So did I! At the age of 5 I decided to be a musician when I grew up. And that is exactly what happened. That's 25 years for you in a nutshell, but of course, there is a lot more to this story. I familiarized myself with a lot of different genres in music, mostly blues and rock, but The Beatles somehow always kept re-emerging in my life. It's impossible to avoid it, but as a matter of fact, I didn't even try. Hell, no! I love hanging around at this enormous station, where people from all walks of life happen to wander besides me. Musicians, fans, music enthusiasts, and a lot of folks arriving here just by pure accident. This is where I find the common ground with anyone immediately, because this is something that nearly all people agree with: The Beatles is cool.

György Hoffmann (drums): Just like John Lennon, I was born on the 9th of October. I was 4-5 years old when I already played along with all the Beatles songs as a drummer, however my instruments were all the furniture at home, and my drumsticks were kitchen spoons. My interest in playing the drums is not at all about the refined technique and the math behind it, much rather expressing my soul and thoughts through the instrument. I live my life in a huge cloud of The Beatles and the only reason I don't own the biggest collection of Beatles relics in the world is purely financial. :) For me, the solo work of the members is just as important as the songs they made together. In 2003, I had the incredible fortune to meet Paul McCartney in person for an autograph in Budapest. In 2004, another big dream of my life came true, when I had the opportunity to spend two weeks walking around the streets of London and Liverpool. That's when I met Pete Best, who was the drummer of The Beatles from 1960 to 1962, Allan Williams, the first manager of The Beatles, Julia Baird, who is John Lennon's half-sister, and the original members of The Quarrymen. After that, it felt truly uplifting to do three Liverpool tours with the Blackbirds and rock the stage of the Cavern Club several times. On one of these occasions Denny Laine was there to see us. Wow! And it was really something too when in 2009 Tony Curtis congratulated us backstage after one of our Budapest concerts. But the most overwhelming thing that ever happened to me, that nothing will ever beat, was when I had the chance to talk with Ringo Starr for 10 minutes in his dressing room before his 2011 Budapest concert. We shook hands, he signed my T-shirt and as we said goodbye he hugged me! So don't be surprised if you see me wondering around thoughtless… I'm not high, I just haven't got over it!

Imre Hajba (vocal, bass): I was born in 1978, Budapest. I've been studying and playing music since the mid '90s. I cooperated in countless different bands, and became a member of The Blackbirds again in April, 2012. My career took a very pleasant turn in that month. The music of The Beatles never ceases to amaze me; the incredible depths hidden behind the chords, lyrics and riffs gives me goose bumps to this day. The genius of Paul McCartney is one of my biggest musical inspirations. It is a great pleasure to play these songs with such outstanding colleagues, who's respect for the music of The Beatles is unwavering, and most important above all else!




Introduction, The BlackBirds - Beatles emlékzenekar - Hungarian Beatles & solo years tribute band Introduction, The BlackBirds - Beatles emlékzenekar - Hungarian Beatles & solo years tribute band Introduction, The BlackBirds - Beatles emlékzenekar - Hungarian Beatles & solo years tribute band Introduction, The BlackBirds - Beatles emlékzenekar - Hungarian Beatles & solo years tribute band Introduction, The BlackBirds - Beatles emlékzenekar - Hungarian Beatles & solo years tribute band